TC style rubber FKM high temperature Oil Seal

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Metal case:Carbon steel

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Metal case:Carbon steel
Color Black,red,yellow,blue,orange,brown,purple,etc
Availability OEM,ODM
Type Serrated,Grooved, Corrugated,flat,ring,others as customer’s requirement
Certification ISO9001,TS16949,SGS
Application Car suspension, automobile engine,hydraulic system,air pressure system,Etc.

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Max Auto is the approved agent of NOK brand , we also agent some local brand of oil seals .


Oil seals are generally divided into single type and assembly type.
Assembled type is the frame and lip material can be freely combined, generally used for special oil seals.

Oil seals can be divided into various forms and different names from the sealing function, characteristics, structure type, working state and sealing mechanism of oil seals. However, it is customary to call the rotary shaft lip seal ring oil seal, static seal and dynamic seal (generally reciprocating motion). ) Is called a seal.

The representative form of the oil seal is the TC oil seal, which is a double-lip oil seal with a self-tightening spring covered with rubber. Generally speaking, the oil seal often refers to this tc skeleton oil seal. For a schematic diagram of the skeleton oil seal, refer to the figure.

Oil seal played very important role in shock absorber , the bad quality of oil seal will caused shock absorber oil leak .
The oil seal sold by Max Auto , is use the high quality material , such as NBR , HNBR , the spring use SUS and Metal part use carbon steel , it is quality guaranty . It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, etc.

Max Auto have more than 10 quality person to check the quality before delivery , include size measurement , material check .

How to order the oil seal : usually we have a catalog of current mold size , if the size you need is not in our list , we can also make according to your design , if you can provide the major size or drawing , picture to learn .
We can also design for you if you can provide the rod guide design .


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