“Double 11″ e-commerce platform sales / automotive aftermarket in China

“Double 11″ e-commerce platform sales are hot,

whether the automotive aftermarket can be boosted

Double 11 is a popular event for live e-commerce, and it is also the largest bonus traffic for e-commerce. This year’s Double 11, more and more physical shopping malls and stores participated in this activity, and even launched promotional discounts that are as vigorous as e-commerce platforms. Clothing, food, housing, and transportation are all infiltrated to attract customer flow and drive Consumption. The popularity of Double 11 has gone online and offline, and it has become a big day for the entire sales industry to jointly promote.


According to data from Nebula, the GMV of the 2022 Double 11 event will reach 1,115.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.7%. Live e-commerce companies represented by Douyin, Diantao, and Kuaishou have a total transaction volume of 181.4 billion yuan on Double 11 this year, a year-on-year increase of 146.1%, far exceeding expectations.


Everyone knows that Douyin is now an important platform for merchants in various industries to participate in sales. During this year’s Douyin Double 11 (October 31st to November 11th), the number of merchants participating in the Double 11 event in Douyin e-commerce increased by 86% year-on-year , the transaction volume and customer unit price of multiple stores doubled.


In this context, this year’s Double 11 also brought unexpected gains to the auto industry. Car companies are actively participating in the battle. Since the end of October, there have been car brands warming up on major e-commerce platforms. In the early morning of November 11, this shopping carnival reached its climax. Work hard, keep promoting products and explaining promotions to fans.

Under the high sales promotion sentiment of Double 11, various car companies have spared no expense in promoting promotions, such as “dividing up tens of millions of cash coupons”, “millions of subsidies”, “snatching 660 million huge gifts” and so on. “, the enthusiasm of the fans remained undiminished, dealers and 4S stores also came to watch and liven up the excitement. After seeing the “crazy companies” on Double 11, our colleagues in the aftermarket couldn’t help but try it out.


Can the automotive aftermarket participate in it? Will it be pulled up?


The answer is yes, when the volume is large enough, it can increase profits and expand channels. But it is also divided according to the nature of the enterprise, and the specific brand and product must be carefully considered.


The product determines the channel, and the automotive aftermarket refers to almost all consumption and services that may occur in the process of normal use and car purchase services after consumers enter the automotive product market. They are more inclined to offline, but with digitalization The development of platforms and platforms has also begun to develop towards e-commerce and online. Many auto supply companies in the aftermarket are out of control in e-commerce and live streaming, while some maintenance-related auto maintenance is still offline. The storefront is more intuitive. Although it cannot be generalized, some companies that have successfully transformed have benefited from it.

Under the traditional aftermarket model, the layout and development of the production of the automotive aftermarket in my country is unbalanced. There are many comprehensive reasons for this. In recent years, various reasons such as raw materials, chips, and international situation have prevented the products of automotive electronics companies from going online. Enterprises cannot find suitable partners, and many enterprises are annihilated in difficulties. However, the market is there, and the car ownership is growing steadily, and then the market industry is still following closely behind. Zheng Yun, a global senior partner of Roland Berger, once said that new energy vehicles The demand for the aftermarket, especially beauty cleaning, traditional maintenance, tires, sheet metal, and electrical and electronic services, will rise rapidly in the next few years. These businesses will be important value pillars for new energy vehicle maintenance. Therefore, under the trend of new energy vehicles in the future, the development of online e-commerce will become more popular in the automotive aftermarket, such as interior accessories and other retail ends.


The booming development of e-commerce platforms has brought opportunities to the traditional sales model, but it has also brought some challenges accordingly. The newly developed traffic advantages are integrated with the traditional model structure, but at the same time, we must pay more attention to the crucial importance of innovation. Function, innovation is the driving force for development, and it will also increase the expansion of the model in the traffic era.


Post time: Nov-18-2022