Where are coilovers made? Our ultimate guide!

When it comes to coilovers, there’s no shortage of options. Everything from entry level coilovers starting at around $350 to top of the line coilovers going up to $5000 or more. So it’s no doubt that as customers research what setup they want for their car, the question of where the coilovers are made comes up a lot. Due to this, we have decided to compile a list of coilover brands and where they are made. Please contact us if you have anything to add to this list.


coilover-BMW E46
Brand Line                      Made
BC Racing  –  Taiwan
Bilstein    –  Germany
MaxAuto  — China
D2 Racing  –   Taiwan
Dinan    –   Pending
FOX Racing – Pending
Fortune Auto –  USA
Function & Form–Taiwan
Fortune Auto –   USA
Godspeed Project –Taiwan
HKS   –  Japan
KSport Kontrol  –Taiwan
KW Automotive  — Germany
maXpeedingrods –  China
Megan Racing — Taiwan
Ohlins  — Sweden
Pedders — Pending
QA1 –Pending
RaceComp –Pending
Revel — Pending
RS-R–  Pending
Silvers –Taiwan
Skunk2 — Pending
Skyjacker –Pending
ST Suspensions — Pending
Stance — USA
Tanabe — Pending
TEIN –Japan
TruHart –USA

If you have any questions about where coilovers are made or about a specific brand’s quality, please ask below.

Max Auto with several years develop have become the top manufacturer from China , it amis to be the top coilover brand in the world .

The monotube coilover quality have been tested by more than millions of customers in the world .

Post time: Jul-10-2023