What are the connections between the piston rod and the piston?

The use of piston rod and piston are often inseparable, generally in the use of piston products will use the piston rod this product. Because the piston rod is a connecting part used to support the piston to do work, since it is a connecting part, then the piston rod and the piston must be connected before it can be used. Then do you know what kinds of connections the piston rod and the piston have?

Piston rod head connection mode:
The connection of the piston rod head mainly refers to the connection part of the piston rod and the external load (component), and the main connection structure is the thread type and the single earring type, which must be determined according to the actual work situation when applied in actual work.

Piston rod tail connection mode:
The connection mode of the piston rod tail mainly refers to the connection part of the piston rod tail and the piston, and there are many kinds of structural forms, among which the more prominent is the clamping key connection structural form. This type of card and key connection structure is convenient to install, and its performance is also better, so it is used more.

Piston rod main body connection mode:
The connection between the main body of the piston rod and the piston can be divided into two cases: solid type and hollow type. The solid type is often used in general circumstances, while the hollow type is more commonly used in special requirements, such as the piston rod in the servo hydraulic cylinder must be equipped with a sensor. Therefore, the solid piston rod can be mainly applied to the occasions of small rod diameter, and when the rod diameter is large, in order to reduce the weight, the hollow piston rod is generally used.The above content is the common connection methods of piston rod and piston, but in actual work, it is still necessary to choose the appropriate connection method to connect according to the needs of the work.

Post time: Feb-28-2024