The basic knowledge of shock absorber -2

The shock absorber made by Max Auto , include oil type and gas type , twintube and mono tube , it have been sold widely to all over the world , include USA , EUROPE , Africa , Mid-East ,South Asia and South America .

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The principle of operation of the two-way barrel shock absorber explains: When compressing the travel, the car wheel moves closer to the body, the shock absorber is compressed, at which point the piston inside the shock absorber moves down. The volume of the lower chamber of the piston is reduced, the oil pressure increases, and the fluid flows through the circulation valve to the chamber (upper cavity) above the piston. The upper cavity is occupied by the piston rod part of the space, so the volume of the upper cavity increase is less than the volume of the lower cavity reduction, a part of the fluid is then pushed open compression valve, flow back to the storage cylinder.

These valves create damping forces for the compression motion of the suspension to save oil. When the shock absorber extends the stroke, the wheels are equivalent to being far away from the body, and the shock absorber is stretched. The piston of the shock absorber then moves upward. The oil pressure in the upper cavity of the piston is raised, the circulation valve is closed, and the fluid in the upper cavity pushes the extension valve into the lower cavity. Due to the presence of the piston rod, the fluid flowing from the upper cavity is not sufficient to fill the volume of the lower cavity increase, the main lower cavity produces a vacuum, when the oil in the reservoir pushes the compensation valve 7 flow into the lower cavity to supplement. Because of the throttle of these valves, the suspension acts as a damping effect when stretching motion.

Because the stiffness and pretension force of the stretch valve spring are designed to be larger than the compression valve, under the same pressure, the channel load area of the extension valve and the corresponding normal pass gap is less than the sum of the compression valve and the corresponding normal pass gap channel cut-off area. This makes the damping force produced by the extended travel of the shock absorber greater than the damping force of the compression stroke, which meets the requirements of rapid shock absorption 


Post time: Sep-26-2021