When Shock absorber is broken what symptoms will be


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Automobile shock absorber damage, the most obvious phenomenon is the car in the process of running jump, brake will appear abnormal sound.

Auto shock absorber is in order to protect the body and frame, the car driving process, reduce the vibration of the body and frame to produce, so as to improve the ride comfort and comfort of vehicle driving, the car suspension system is composed of a spring and damper cylinder, belongs to a kind of consumables, use for a long time can lead to shock absorber.

If the car shock absorber is broken, the car produced by shaking the better in the rugged road, tires can lose grip, the rear wheels lose grip will make the car produces a spin phenomenon, because of the shock absorber failure, the safety factor of the car will be reduced, the car brakes or likely to occur during a lane change, also can reduce auto control and control performance is poor, Prone to danger.

The quality of the shock absorption system directly affects the comfort of the car, so the car in the process of driving do not fierce, must slow down when the speed bump, should make the shock absorber often just in a good working state, if there is a problem must be repaired in time.

Shock absorber is broken what symptom can you have

A broken shock absorber will appear the following symptoms: 1, the car over a bumpy road or speed bump, a wheel issued a “MAO” sound.

2. The car in bad road conditions for a distance, and then touch the shell of each shock absorber.  Under normal circumstances, the shell of the shock absorber should have a temperature, and the temperature indicates that the shock absorber is working.  If the shock absorber shell is cold, there is something wrong with the shock absorber.

3. When the car is stopped, the owner presses down the front of the car, and the body will go down. After releasing the hand, the body will rebound, if the rebound soon tends to be stable, that the shock absorber is good.If the rebound after the body repeatedly concussion several times, that the shock absorber is wrong.



4. In the same way as the third article, the car body will have a strong vibration when the emergency brake, and the aftershock is very large.  If the shock absorbers are good, the car won’t shake violently and aftershocks won’t be big.

Simple understanding is: if the shock absorber is broken, the car damping spring can not slow rebound, slow compression, will be like a trampoline.

Car shock absorber problems, not only will affect comfort and vehicle handling, serious words will lead to car running, especially at high speed there will be safety hazards.

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Post time: Jul-22-2022